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How long do Magnetic Lashes last?

How long do Magnetic Lashes last?

Whenever you purchase a product, getting bang for your buck is important. You want know that you are getting the most out of the product for the price you pay. So you may be wondering, how long do magnetic lashes last for?
Unlike glue lashes, magnetic lashes are far more long lasting, kinder to the pocket, and to you!

With magnetic lashes, you don't have any dreaded glue clumps to deal with, which this alone, makes them easier to reuse time and time again.

Not only does one set of magnetic lashes last you well throughout the day, but our very own LashAura magnetic lashes can be used 30+ times! 

Now, if you were to say you wear them every day, thats five months worth from one pack! Incredible right?

Furthermore, magnetic eyeliner won't expire until around 6-12 months after opening, as opposed to lash glue which will last a very measly one month after opening.

Forget about no good glue lashes or forking out for professionally done extension lashes. Magnetic lashes are where it's at.

Economical, safe and easy to apply, all from one product. Save yourself the time and money, and order some LashAura magnetic lashes today!