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How to apply eyeliner like it's your day job!

It's no secret that eyeliner is the main component of your make up bag. For some, it's pulled out for the special occasion, and for others, its part of their daily statement! It doesn't matter which one of these you are, applying eyeliner just like the pros takes practice.

The way you apply your liner, is mainly down to the type that you choose. So let's get into those, and the most important part - how to apply them!

1. Liquid Liner (Applicable for Magnetic Eyeliner)

For sharp, swooping lines, liquid liner will give you just that! Before you apply this liner, shake the bottle before opening. Make sure when you go ahead to open it that there is product on your brush, but not too much!

A little scrape off the side will get rid of any unwanted excess. When going to apply the liner, start in the middle of your upper lash line, and then gradually move that our towards the outer edge. This should ensure that you have a liner that you can build on if you need too, and not go overboard with it by doing it in one foul swoop! If you are a little nervous about applying the liner in an even line, you can use a pencil liner just to mark it out before you proceed with the liquid liner.

Once your liner is done, fill in any gaps you may see along the lash line. To clean it up or fix any mistakes, a cotton bud with some make up remover on it will clean it up in a jiffy! If you are going for a more dramatic wing look, you can do this once you have your main liner done.

To help with the wing, placing some tape where you want your wing to be will help you to get that cool sharp look. Make sure to tape both sides at the same time to avoid them being crooked, and have them going from outer corner of your lash line towards the other end of your eyebrow.

2. Pencil liner

First things first. Your pencil liner won't do much for you if it isn't either sharpened or dulled, depending on your desired effect. Any regular pencil sharpener will do, and you can dull your pencil by gently rubbing the tip of the pencil in a piece of tissue. So the fun part - application!

With one hand, hold out the outer corner of your eye, so the skin is taut. This will help just get that straight line. Resting your elbow before applying the liner may be helpful for a steady hand also.

Unlike the liquid liner, with pencil you can start from the inner corner of the lash line. Slow short strokes will ensure you apply a nice desirable line.

Lining your lower lash is a personal preference. Should you wish to do so, pull on the outer edge of your lower lid and make sure it is taut, and again, short strokes. Bear in mind though, that completely going across the bottom lash line with liner can make the eyes look smaller, so going just half way in from the outer corner will create a more sultry, wider look.

3. Gel liner

Gel liner can be applied in much the same way as a liquid liner, starting from the centre of the lash line to the outer corner. You can also try blending some eyeshadow along the outer edge of your lash liner to create a beautiful smokey effect. So that's the types of liners and how to apply them.

Which one will you be trying out? Remember, practice makes perfect!