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The Dirty Truth About Lash Glue

The Dirty Truth About Lash Glue

While we all want to look and feel good, have lashes for days much to the envy of those around us, do we ever really stop to think of the damage we might be causing by using glue?

When you actually do stop to think about it, applying any type of glue near the eyes, really does just sound a bit crazy! Extensive research has been done about the effects of doing this, and the results? Well, they really aren't so pretty!

So lets look at some of those, and what we can do about it....

1. Irritation and redness - This is a very common result for many after using lash glue, and can result in mild and moderate to severe. Lash glue is one of the most toxic products on the market, and all those chemicals are a cocktail for disaster.

2. Allergic reaction - Again, another quite common result and can also turn out to be mild and moderate, to very severe. This is also why patch tests are extremely important before using any new product.

3. Inflammation - Another painful effect of using lash glue. In fact, a study done on 107 women in Japan between 2007 and 2010 showed a variety of inflammatory conditions including extreme inflammation of the cornea inner membrane (this normally protects the eyelids) in 64 of these woman, while inflammation of the eyelids and the development of scales formed in 42 women. Four very unfortunate women suffered with both of these.

4. Natural lash loss - It is a common thing to happen when false lashes are pulled away from the lash line, but did you know that lash glue can also cause lash loss? The tension caused from lash glue along with the pulling off of false lashes can cause a condition called Traction Alopecia. Lashes will normally grow back in a few weeks, but in some cases, when you are pulling away these lash glue lashes excessively, it can unfortunately cause a slow down in regrowth, or it may stop completely.

5. Cancer - Surely not? You might say. Well, this is probably the most alarming of all these side effects from using lash glue. Studies have shown that exposure to these dangerous chemicals within lash glue can cause cancer of the lungs, brain and kidneys. Lash glue also contains lead which can be fatal to small children and cause miscarriage in women.

So now you may be asking, are there any alternatives? How can I protect myself and still look my best?

Well, thankfully, there are other options! One of those, is to go to a reputable salon that uses lash glue for professional use only.

This, however, can be costly when you have to keep returning for them to be redone, so we have an even better alternative - our very own Magnetic lashes!

Our Magnetic lashes are an honest game changer. Weather proof, safe, efficient, long lasting and without the harmful chemicals. Say goodbye to lash glue, and hello LashAura!